Silva Phoenix

Silva Phoenix
Silva Phoenix
Silva Phoenix
Silva Phoenix
Located in Hailsham, East Sussex, United Kingdom

My old mate John sadly died earlier this year, leaving his super little Silva Phoenix racing car. His widow has asked for help selling it, and I’m not a petrolhead like him!
He bought it 10 years ago at the ripe old age of 60, and was a regular at Santa Pod ,often winning his trials. He bought and fitted a new engine 5 years ago, and it performed even better!
John was a mechanic, and looked after it himself with loving care. When he became ill, he “mothballed” it on its trailer (trailer wheels indoors to protect them).
He ran it at Brands Hatch and at Thruxton racing circuit, and preferred that racing, overtaking young lads who thought they were the bees knees until he shot past!
The price includes the trailer and cover. I’m afraid my lack of car knowledge betrays me, because I know nothing about the spec. He briefly had it taxed for the road, but then bought a camper van to tow it to race meets. (The camper van has sold)
Someone will get a bargain and a lot of fun from racing this beauty!

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