Posted 26 January, 2022
Playskool Motorsport & Luke Algar =========================== This post by Graeme Finlayson was removed from WSCC so it is being posted here in full. ---------------------------------- 7th January, 2022 Graeme Finlayson: Well, it's time for an update. I'm a straight shooter, I don't mess people around, as anyone who has dealt with me during my time with Westfields and the WSCC will attest to. I've been involved with...
Posted 23 November, 2014
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Jonny from BookaTrack having some fun in the wet around Donington Park in a Caterham R300. Remember, you can rent a Caterham R300, exactly the same yourself if you wish!
Posted 5 September, 2014
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Well, sort of :-/
Posted 15 August, 2014
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Doesn't look bad at all!
Posted 15 April, 2014
Looks gorgeous! Swedish designers Bo Zolland Design AB have created some 3D models of the iconic Caterham. Who's going to make one of these a reality? Read more over at Silodrome. All content on Silodrome is copyrighted © under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, this means you can use it freely so long as you provide attribution as a “Source” link. You’re welcome to publish this story on your own website, just don’t forget to link back to Silodrome as the original...
Posted 19 February, 2014
Not sure WHY, but here's some photographs of the HOW...
Posted 24 December, 2013
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Quite impressive!
Posted 15 November, 2013
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We don't often post video game links, but this real-life to game comparison is quite impressive!
Posted 1 October, 2013
New Caterham concept
But this time it actually looks decent! Read the full story in Autocar!
Posted 6 August, 2013
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On it. Kudos.
Posted 12 June, 2013
Well, this man did, from scratch!
Posted 5 May, 2013
We are proud to announce the launch of our new mobile site, simply browse to KitCar-Trader and you will automatically be served the mobile theme offer a quick browsing experience tailored specifically for your mobile1
Posted 24 April, 2013
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Good close racing in the Locost series...
Posted 17 April, 2013
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Groups A & C take to Mallory Park for the 750 Motor Club Locost Championship. Thanks to 'Pescara Productions' for providing footage. Commentary from Joshua Barrett
Posted 17 April, 2013
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Terry Everall driving
Posted 13 April, 2013
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Bit quick off the line!
Posted 22 July, 2010
We've relaunched KitCar-Trader with many new features and many more to come! New Features:- * Premium Membership - extra options and features for our Premium Members for just £14.99/month * Trade Membership - special advertising rates, schemes and more for our trade members * Subscriptions - you can now subscribe to any category, any advert, any news item and more. With updates directly to your inbox * Value for money voting - a new feature on all classified adverts, rate the...