Standard classified adverts on Kitcar-Trader are completely free. You simply register with us and place your advert.

You advert will then appear in the appropriate category listing and in all our Kitcar-Trader feeds.

Optionally, you can sign up for just £14.99 to become a Premium Member, this will allow you many extra features such as highlighting and promotion of all your adverts to premium status for an entire 12 months, an extended user profile allowing you to customise your own page listing of adverts, subscription options, downloading of all orginal images on the site and much more.

Motor traders can place classified adverts in the same way as regular users as long as they do not abuse the system or terms of use.

Alternatively, we offer a special Trade Membership, this has many additional benefits including unlimited classified adverts, an enhanced 'traders page', extra highlighting of your adverts on listings throughout the site, location/shop information and more.

We also offer advertisement packages for site banners, links, sponsorship and more, please get in touch to discuss how we can help satisfy your requirements.


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Your classified advert is listed until you change the status of it from 'live' to either 'offline' or 'sold'. Adverts are typically ordered by most recent, or, most recently edited, so your advert will slowly drop down the list if not renewed.

Premium adverts will always enjoy being listed at the top of each category, more information on becoming a Premium Member is available here.

We offer various methods of contact at Kitcar-Trader allowing you to select which you are comfortable with.

When placing a classified advert, you can supply an optional telephone number, this will be displayed on the advert to all users.

Alternatively, they can contact you through email - this can be directly via your email if you choose it to be displayed by filling in the 'Email' field on the advert form, or, indirectly through a contact form on the site if you choose to keep your email address hidden.

To hide your email address, follow the 'My account' menu link and click on 'Edit'.

  • If you do not wish registered users to contact you via the internal contact form then uncheck the 'Personal Contact From' checkbox.
  • If you do not wish non-registered users to contact you via the anonymous internal form then uncheck the 'Anonymous contact form' checkbox.

DO NOT PROCEED. Use of a shipping agent and overpaying with a cheque for an advert is a typical '419' scam. This is where the potential buyer will send a cheque overpaying for the item, then request that you transfer some of the excess back to them. However, the scam works as the cheque will eventually bounce and you are left out of pocket.

If you have been contacted in such a manner, please contact Kitcar-Trader and inform us immediately. We take pro-active steps to ensure that these types of people do not have access to the site and our users and endeavour to stay ahead of them, however, your help is much appreciated in this matter.

First you must login to your account. Once logged in your will be presented with an overview page showing all you active adverts and content. Clicking the 'edit' button will allow you to edit your advert.

Alternatively, once logged in, if you browse to your advert you will see an 'edit' tab above it, clicking on this will allow you to edit the advert.

If you edit your classified advert you can change the status to 'sold' or 'offline'. This will remove it from our listings.