Missed gear shifts /false neutrals in bike engined cars & motorcycles

Missed gear shifts /false neutrals in bike engined cars & motorcycles

Motorcycle engines are renowned for missed gearshifts or “ false neutrals” as it is sometimes described, No the new Slik-shifter kits from Flatshifter virtually enable`s the improbable – these kits will all but eliminate missed gear shifts / false neutrals, removes the clunkiness and are a lot easier and far more reliable to shift gear than the standard motorcycle set up, say goodbye to notchy ZX10's, 12's & 14's and slow shifting cbr's, Kawasaki's, and gixxers. Got a Suzuki Hayabusa want to stop it gear-shifting like a London bus and shift like they should have done from new, a dream to use on the street and on track, with or without the clutch – a joy to use around town or when downshifting" into that 150 to 25 mph corner on track or "trying for that very last 10th, of a second, amazing for bike engined race & kit cars an essential add on to the Flatshifter Expert and Max combination.
Flatshifter Slik-shifter Kit benefits?
Upshifts much easier under hard use. A " quick tap" and it's in. Fantastic for racing, track and street, bike engined cars.

The Slik-shifter kit will decrease the gear shift time about by 10-15 ms (based on optimal shift kill time).

Fantastic with the Flatshifter Expert clutchless up & down gearshift kit and Max electric gear selector system.

As it's much quicker and easier & smoother to upshift, the bike is more stable & settled when you are “on it”.
Effortless downshifts – do all the downshifts as fast as you can . One thing less to concentrate on.
Silky Smooth gear shifts in town - a tap and a big Hayabusa or gixxers slip into 3rd as easily as a 125!
Make`s shifting , a lot lighter, much quicker & a lot easier and virtually eliminates all missed gear shifts.

Makes shifting almost effortless, whether its an easy shift in town or a rapid series of wild downshifts going into a tight corner on a racetrack.
Virtually eliminates missed gear shifts,when upshifting & downshifting.

The speed gears engage is drastically improved, the transmission gears and shift forks are protected from damage caused by missed shifts.


Designing the Slik shift kits involved trying lots s and lots of different star arcs, , radii, angles, & multiple diameters tried on many many motorcycles to get the best performing, best feeling design for every bike.
The Slik-shift star kit does the impossible - it enables quicker gear shifts, and all but eliminates missed shifts , eliminates chunky shifting and is far easier and more reliable to shift than standard.

Price variations as different number of parts required in the kits.
Some motorcycles require a Star, arm, spring and gasket and some bikes already have a good enough spring & detente arm.
Slik-Shift kits installation
That will totally improve the gearshift on your bike & should only take about 1-2 hours installation time.
Virtually eliminates missed shifts, upshifting or downshifting.
The speed at which the gears actually engage is dramatically improved and the transmission gears and shift forks are more protected from damage caused by missed shifts.

What's in the kit ?
Kits include Slik-Shift , Micro bearing Detent Arm (as required) and heavy duty detent spring (as required) and in most kits, the appropriate gaskets (as required). Contents may vary depending on the kit,

Installation will require removing the clutch assembly (perfect time is when renewing your clutch plates) or perhaps chain removal and water pump on some bikes that have the shift mechanism below the countershaft sprocket


kit contents vary as we only supply the parts that you actually require, to get your bike shifting as it should,

GSXR 1000 - 600, 750 after about 2001.
Star only, no gasket

HAYABUSA 2000-2012
Selector Star with spring and gasket

CBR 1000rr 08-12
Selector Star and detente arm

CBR 1000rr 04-07

ZX10r, 08-10
Selector Star only

ZX10r, 06-07
Selector star only

ZX10r, 04-05
Selector Star and detente arm

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